Profile your writing style!

Writing style can be a strong indicator of a person's personality. Using Artificial Intelligence to automatically analyze your writing style, Textgain's Personality Profiler will make an informed guesstimate of your personality traits. We use the Open Extended Jungian Type Scale (OEJTS), an open-source version of the more famous MBTI™ typology, to describe your dominant personality traits for four dimensions:

  • Introversion vs Extraversion
  • INtuition vs Sensing
  • Feeling vs Thinking
  • Perception vs Judging
A person's personality type can then be concisely described using the resulting 4 letters, e.g. ISTP (introversion, sensing, thinking and perception).

It is at the core of Textgain's identity to demystify AI and give our customers back more agency and oversight on the algorithm's decision process. Contrary to many modern AI tools, our profiler uses algorithms that are both transparent and understandable by everyone, including non-technical people.

After you've launched the analysis, hover on a trait to visualize which words influenced the classification in favor of that trait.

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